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This blog is a collection of my thoughts and reviews of primarily the books that I’ve read over the last few years.  Books that had a profound influence on my worldview, outlook, and oftentimes, even my professional career.  My intent behind capturing them in this blog is two-fold: one, to help a discerning book reader get a gist of the book that (s)he is considering reading, and two, as an outlet for my passion for writing (this passion for writing is a natural extension of my passion for reading!). Although the blog is primarily about the books I have read, at times, I have also expressed my views about movies and contemporary global events as well.

If you want to know if the book (or movie) you are interested is covered in my blog, just type the name or a few key words in the search field above. In case the book or movie is not covered, I invite you to drop in a note, and I will be happy to pick up the book and share a review.

All of the views expressed in this blog are purely personal.  It may at times be at odds with the views or beliefs of many others.  All I can say in such a scenario is this: I welcome alternate/opposing views in the form of comments at the area provided at the end of each blog.  If the preference is for a more one-on-one interaction directly with me, I am reachable at the particulars provided in the Contacts page.

This blog has been created purely out of personal interest with no profit motive.  Permission to quote or reference specific content herein is hence implied, provided that such references are for academic, and/or non-commercial use.

Thanks for visiting, and happy reading!

Sriram Srinivasan